Intrastate Crowdfunding, a Game-Changer?

Intrastate Crowdfunding, a Game-Changer?

The state of Illinois recently proposed a bill for intrastate crowdfunding. The intrastate crowdfunding law proposes the ability for unaccredited investors to participate in offerings that have a physical presence in the same jurisdiction where all investors are domiciled. For example, the intrastate crowdfunding law would allow all non-accredited investors that live or reside in Illinois to invest into a hotel crowdfunding project that is also located in Illinois.

So what’s the catch? All investors must be from Illinois. Not a single investor can reside out of state. Albeit, limitations in place— intrastate crowdfunding might be a solution for non-accredited investors that are often denied from investing into businesses. Despite being financially savvy and stable, many non-accredited investors are often prevented from investing under 506(c) public offerings. Many States are tired of waiting on the Federal Government and the SEC to finalize rules that would allow more unaccredited investors to participate, hence States have independently taken action into their own hands with State sponsored legislation.

House Bill 3429, regarding intrastate crowdfunding, in Illinois was well received by local business owners and entrepreneurs. The bill balances the needs of investors with the needs of businesses looking to raise capital. If and when the intrastate crowdfunding law becomes effective, will be on the verge of being able to allow non-accredited investors to participate in intrastate offerings. Equity crowdfunding could possibly be a workable source of capital and game-changer for Illinois small businesses and entrepreneurs. Check out the article published at for more information on the proposed bills regarding intrastate crowdfunding.


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