Bhavik Dani Featured on Midland Investments Podcast

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Midland Self-Directed IRA & 1031

Earlier this month, our very own Dealflow Officer Bhavik Dani lent his hotel crowdfunding expertise to Midland IRA, on their Midland Media: Podcast Series. Bhavik goes in depth about how hotel crowdfunding distinguishes itself from other real estate investment opportunities, and also discusses our team’s journey so far on the road to making hotel crowdfunding accessible to investors across the nation!

Check out the full podcast here.

Bhavik Dani Featured on Midland Investments PodcastInterested in learning more about hotel investments and EquityRoots’ hotel crowdfunding platform? Click below!

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EquityRoots: Democratizing Hotel Investments

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Hi. I’m Bhavik Dani, Dealflow Organizer with It’s my pleasure to talk to you about how crowdfunding is revolutionizing the hotel industry. uses crowdfunding as a finance mechanism to raise capital for real estate assets, specifically for premium branded franchised hotels. EquityRoots combines and harnesses the buying power of the crowd to bring you investment opportunities in institutional grade investments that were once available only to REITs, insurance companies, and the largest corporations. Our crowdfunding technology allows even the smallest of investors to pool their capital right next to proven developers and industry leaders. Hotel crowdfunding is really a system in which everyday folks like you and I become the source of capital. The capital can be structured as equity, debt, mezzanine debt, and sometimes even convertible debt. This capital is fairly flexible with how a developer can use it to further grow and improve business, from renovating a pre-existing hotel development to constructing and designing an entirely new development from scratch.  The advantages of crowdfunding to investors include:

Diversifying Risk

We can diversify risk by allowing the crowd to buy fractional interests in different hotels across the country. EquityRoots allows investors to select multiple assets, affiliated with different brands and located in various geographic territories.

Institutional Grade Assets

Next, it allow hotel investors to own a piece of an institutional grade quality hotel. Let me explain a little further. The average hotel groups and hospitality groups have the ability to build a standard 80-120 room hotel in a suburb, where barriers to entry and construction costs are often lower. However, in center city urban markets – like Chicago and New York – investors often encounter high barriers to entry and substantially higher construction costs. Deals in such markets can become out-of-reach for traditional hoteliers and real estate investors. This is where crowdfunding kicks in. By pooling capital from everyone, it allows combined leverage of the crowd to pursue a higher-grade, higher-quality deal. It’s something usually reserved for institutions –  REITs and insurance companies as I mentioned.

No Middleman and Commissions

Another advantage is removing middlemen and commissions. The crowdfunding process is very clean and simple. Our crowdfunding platform doesn’t allow broker fees or commissions for buying and selling the investment. EquityRoots aims to make every penny of your dollar count in the investment.


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Ownership Beyond Paper

Investing in property and buildings that you can see and visit is probably one last advantage I’d like to share. Hotel crowdfunding investments are markedly different than paper stocks and bonds – paper certificates that we trade on by speculation and can never actually “see” in the same sense that you can see and visit a hotel you invest in. Real estate is an investment that you’ll always be able to see. It has real property interest and improvements on the land.


These are just a handful of the reasons why hotel crowdfunding is such a game changer – not only does it harness the power of real estate crowdfunding, but it also allows real estate investors new and old to gain access to those high-barrier markets. EquityRoots is hotel crowdfunding, democratized for today’s investors.


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EquityRoots brings crowdfunding to hotels

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Official Press Release, a brand backed by lawyers, hoteliers, and land-use experts is an online crowdfunding platform exclusively dedicated to offering investment opportunities in branded hotels, assisted living facilities, and other lodging assets. The team at has developed and launched an online platform to offer prospective investors, both domestically and internationally, a chance to participate and invest into highly rewarding franchised hotel assets by Marriott, Hilton, IHG, Starwood, and Hyatt. Similarly, hotel owners may use the platforms to find equity partners or get a loan from the public.

However, all funding requests undergo a strenuous vetting process before chooses to conduct a public offering and allow registered website users to perform due-diligence, sign contracts, and invest with the click of a button. It’s worth noting how simplified and efficient the real-estate investment process becomes without brokers, middlemen, or commissions. This is the essence of crowdfunding. approved and launched its first offering for a dual-branded IHG project in a prominent NW suburb of Chicago – Schaumburg, IL. The hotels will be surrounded by 2.4 million square feet of Class-A office and around the corner from the 3rd largest mall in the country. In general, crowdfunding has opened the doors for savvy investors from all over the world to pool capital and invest side-by-side with proven industry players. Online capital formation has allowed to take advantage of the accessibility of the Internet and the vast networks of friends, family, and professional networks that stay connected through it. With recent legislation like the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, EquityRoots has and will continue to democratize the investment marketplace.

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Official Press Release

After the Jumpstart our Business Startups (JOBS) Act of 2012, it seems like there has been vibrant excitement surrounding the concept of raising capital for real-estate projects via crowdfunding.  Crowdfunding is the window into democratizing the investment marketplace, allowing everyday-people a chance to participate and own a fractional interest in the project. is an online platform backed by lawyers, land-use experts, and hotel owners- aiming to raise capital for well-planned hotel projects.

Seven young experts in various areas of law, business, and technology are responsible for starting this novel firm——which was inspired by recent bipartisan job creation legislation, also known as the Jumpstart our Business Startups (JOBS) Act of 2012. provides a crowd of investors the opportunity to invest in hotels and other real estate assets while maintaining security on real property.  Just about anyone can become part of the crowd when they sign up for a free account online. There is no role for middlemen—brokers or commission agents. will allow even the smallest investors the opportunity to pool capital, allowing ordinary people to invest side-by-side with veteran real-estate developers.

The goal is to offer a platform accessible to the entire world while stressing the need to democratize the real estate business—thus allowing everyday people to have an opportunity. This includes investors within the U.S. and abroad. Each investor will be able to view current deals on and pick a project that they would like to fund. Additionally, they can sign contracts, perform due-diligence, and safely transfer funds to escrow with the click of a button.  They have all the tools to manage a portfolio of holdings through their online account.

Foreign Investors and EB-5 Visas

Foreign investors are not excluded from participating.  In fact, offers investment opportunities to foreign investors as well. Staff attorneys will file EB-5 visa petitions on behalf of a foreign investor to immigration authorities, which will allow investors from India, China, Russia, or even from Brazil to become permanent residents in the United States if an individual invests at least $1 million in an hotel offering where 10 American jobs are created.

Business and hotel owners may submit their respective project for funding online as well—where the staff at EquityRoots must pre-vet, underwrite, and approve the project before conducting a public offering.

“The objective is to offer assets that are healthy for the local economy, and have the potential of bringing healthy returns for its stakeholders and investors,” says Bhavik Dani, the Founder and Deal-flow officer of  “It’s about time the principles of democracy meet the fundamentals of real estate investing, letting the masses have a shot at it,” he adds.

To learn more about crowdfunding and hotel investments, information can be found at or you can call (312)483-2200. is proudly headquartered in Schaumburg, IL.

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