Schaumburg, IL: Investing Where People Want to Live

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MONEY magazine ranks the best places to live in the nation every year, and the Village of Schaumburg definitely set out to impress this time around, ranking 9th overall. Of course, the EquityRoots team isn’t surprised — the ranking is a testament to the type of markets we like to invest in. The Schaumburg Holiday Inn dual brand project is worth its weight for investors.

Demand Driven

Our team understands that some of the strongest performing investments for hotel investors are often located where quality of living is highest. Whenever EquityRoots’ receives a funding request, our team looks at the proposed project holistically, giving consideration to the brand, amount of funding, and nearby demand drivers that influence people to live or visit a location. Luckily, Schaumburg is abundant with demand drivers, all of which work to ensure that a new hotel development in the village will prove a fruitful investment and bigger economy.

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Schaumburg has a projected job growth of 3.0%, reflecting the village’s promising talent pool in years to come. Many of the companies opening or expanding in Schaumburg will look to host conferences and encourage business trips – which translates into increasing demand for available hotel rooms to host those business visitors. Do you like great weather? Schaumburg has on average 189 clear days every year. People generally want to be in an area that has nice weather, and that can translate to more tourists visiting Schaumburg’s parks and commercial centers, consistently driving revenue.

Many of the reasons why MONEY selected Schaumburg as the 9th best place to live in the US, or alternatively, many of the reasons why EquityRoots selected Schaumburg as the site for our dual-brand development. Source: MONEY Magazine

Other demand drivers can be physical. The Olympic Park is only a short drive from our development meaning that high school, collegiate, and team families have additional lodging options. This is a huge source of potential revenue not only from all the hotel rooms needed, but also for retail and restaurants that these teams will visit. The Woodfield Mall – the largest mall in Illinois and one of the largest in the nation – is an obvious demand driver and amenity for visitors. This benefit works both ways, creating a market where retail and hospitality compliment each other.

Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL is a critical demand driver that brings in value not only through revenue generated from retail, but also as an amenity that supports local hotels and other businesses. Source: Simon Property Group

These demand drivers are also what led EquityRoots to decide that a new hotel in Schaumburg would be the perfect project. To keep up with the commercial needs of a growing Village and the chance to answer that with a high quality project, this project was designed to be healthy for the local economy in addition to the potential opportunity of profit to its stakeholders.

Local investors saw our IHG project as a chance not only to earn a potential return on a Class-A asset, it was also a chance to be a part of developing something that built positive value in their community. For our more recent IHG project in Schaumburg, a significant number of investors were from Schaumburg and nearby regions in Northern Illinois. When you look at different real estate investment options, you also want to consider nearby demand drivers that often provide amenities and other businesses that promote high quality of life. Instead of looking at MONEY’s rankings as a list of the best places to live, you’ll be using it as a guide to help you invest smarter.


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Schaumburg, IL Hotel Hosts Important NFL Meetings

Equityroots, Equityroots Inc., Schaumburg, IL Hotel Hosts Important NFL Meetings

Over the last three decades, the National Football league (NFL) has graced the hearts of sports fanatics across the world and has become entrenched in the homes of almost every American as evidenced by the Sunday afternoons and evenings when most Americans are glued to their TV’s.

It really is remarkable how the NFL has not just become a weekly television event but also a global brand. Everywhere we go—including outside of the U.S., there seems to be a kid or an adult wearing a sports jersey or a hat of their favorite player or football team. This speaks volumes about how the NFL has managed to expand its influence to all parts of the world in such a quick and efficient fashion. It’s neither a coincidence nor a surprise that football is starting to be considered “America’s pastime” rather than baseball nowadays.

Currently, the NFL doesn’t just market live football games on TV, but they also promote other events such as training-camps for each professional football team, the Super Bowl, and the NFL Draft. The TV ratings for each of these events are usually mind boggling—meaning they are probably going to be the most watched program of the day it’s aired. In addition, the cities, where these events are hosted, will reap the benefits because of the amount of commerce and business that will take place during the respective event. That is why cities from all over the U.S. will do “whatever is takes” to be awarded the host city of these NFL sponsored events, in particular the Super Bowl. This is no different for the NFL Draft.

During the week of August 10 to August 14, the NFL owners stayed at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Schaumburg, IL to discuss the potential expansion of a few franchise teams, and the location of the 2015-2016 NFL Draft. The city of Chicago was the “center of attention” for the NFL community.

Schaumburg is the center of commerce for the Chicago land area. The city’s ability to offer abundant hotel conference and hotel meeting room space, paired with a fresh supply of premium branded hotel rooms is the reason why global corporations consistently pick Schaumburg to host their events and meetings. Additionally the city’s diverse accessibility to expressways and O’Hare International Airport is why businesses choose to stay in Schaumburg hotels.

From the city of Chicago’s perspective, city officials view the Draft as a major demand driver—thus providing a major boost to the local economy. For example, there will probably be a spike in the hotel occupancy and retail businesses as evidenced by the hotels filling up their rooms and clothing stores selling out their jerseys or hats.

With the global appeal and influence of the NFL brand, this will be a glorious opportunity for the City of Chicago. On Tuesday the NFL announced that Chicago would indeed be the host of the 2016 NFL Draft once again.


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