How to save money while traveling


How to save money while traveling


















Tired of your daily 9-to-5 routine? Then why not take some time off and travel the world.
Oh, let me guess your reply:


“I wish I could travel more but I can’t afford it.”
“I wish I could travel more but I don’t have the time.”
“I don’t know how to travel smart.”


If your answer was listed above, don’t panic. Most of us have been there, but that’s what this blog is for. In this blog we will be taking a look at how with certain knowledge and some flexibility, you can have your dream vacation and not have to pay a fortune.


  • Use your credit card points and miles (Flight and hotel bookings)

    1. Not many people take advantage of the plastic they have been using left and right. Most credit cards gives you points or mileage every time you buy something. Those points or mileage can be later redeemed for gift cards, appliances, and flights. Depending on the rewards you acquired, you might be eligible for a free flight to Bahamas this summer.


  • Get tourism cards (For sightseeing)

    1. Tourism cards are a packaged deal that offers you to see multiple tourist places for one cheap price. For example, the New York Sightseeing Pass offers you 10 attractions for $160. If you were to visit those same 10 attractions without the pass, it would cost you somewhere around $400. The difference speaks for itself. There are sightseeing cards that can offer you unlimited attractions.


  • Use last-minute deal apps for flights and hotels

    1. Hopper: Crunches data from all over to figure out when you should book a flight to score the cheapest ticket. Good app if you have a destination in mind, but are flexible with the dates.
    2. Get the flight out (GTFO): Had a break up? Or just really need some time to yourself, GTFO helps you find all the fights leaving your home airport in the next 24 hours. Pick the best deal and get some time to yourself.
    3. Hotel Tonight: Planned a spontaneous weekend getaway and need to book a hotel, this app allows you to book same day hotel rooms all over the world with discounts ranging upto 70% off.


  • Visit countries with great exchange rates or down economies to get the bang for the buck.

    1. This one is a no brainer. Traveling to countries where a U.S. dollar can get you more than what it can in the states. The USD to the Argentinian Peso ratio is 1:20, which means that your one dollar is equal to their 20 pesos. Sounds cheap, right! Traveling to places where currency conversions are beneficial can help you get a great vacation, while still staying within your budget


  • Volunteer Trips: Do good for the community and travel the world at the same time without making a hole in your wallet

    1. This might be new to many. There are many of us who likes to volunteer at the local soup kitchen or any other charitable organizations. But why not volunteer and travel the world at the same time. Companies like Go Eco and Elevate Destinations offer cheap accommodations and food for the volunteers.


Vacationing should be all about enjoying with your loved ones without worrying about your bank balance. No matter where you go on earth, one of the above savings method, if not multiple can be used to save you some extra cash for that new iPhone you always wanted.

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